Fully Automatic Machines

Fischbach One Station Filler HS-1.3: Fully automatic filling, closing and marking of up to 45 cartridges per minute.


  • Processing plastic, aluminium or cardboard cartridges with or without nozzle.

  • Cartridges fed from ground-level magazine holding 500 or 1000 standard cartridges.

  • High operating speed with great precision due to a dirt resistant and easy-to-clean, servo controlled chain conveyor.

  • Filling station with sled system for uninterrupted processing of thinwalled or not exactly cylindrical cartridges.

  • Precise, fully hydraulic volume dosing with +/- 0.5g dosing accuracy per cartridge at various viscosities.

  • Optimized, dome-shaped material cut-off guarantees air free plunger insertion.

  • Plunger insertion can be operated with or without utilization of a wire venting system. Sensors are positioned to check plunger insertion, plunger position, over travel of the plunger and under travel of the plunger.

  • All workstations and machine units are easily accessible. One-piece sliding doors at the front and at the backside of the machine allow cleaning and maintenance to be fast and easy.

  • Advanced technology operator interface gives fast and easy access to all machine functions.

Technical Data

Type of Machine:

Cartridge Filling and Closing machines HS – 1.3


45 cartridges per minute at 310 ml depending on the viscosity of the material filled



Dosing Range:

240 ml to 500 ml

Connecting height at Product Infeed:

1000 mm or variable through optional height adjustment


3 x 400 V, 50 Hz or as requested




5,2 KW

Air Pressure:

5 bar minimum (75 psi.)


1,200 kg

Technical Data